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Why worry about paying your energy bills on time? McKenzie Electric Cooperative offers two programs that allow your McKenzie Electric payment to be withdrawn directly from your bank account each month.

Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Deducts payments automatically from a checking or savings account
  • Payment is deducted on the first business day of the month
  • Receive a paper bill with enough time to review it before payment
  • Bills are paid on time every month
  • No more stamps or checks
  • No charge for participation

Receive a $10 Bill Credit for Signing Up!!!!!!

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To sign up for Budget Billing, or to see if you meet the criteria to sign up, please give our office a call at 701-444-9288
and we'd be happy to help you!

Budget Billing

We require at least 12 months of usage before enrolling in our Budget Billing option. This ensures an accurate budget throughout the year without the worry of a larger than normal payment during heavier usage seasons like winter. 

Why use budget billing?

  • Maintains consistent monthly payments
  • Reduces variances in payments due to weather and other changes in energy usage

Two options for payments:

Fixed Payments. are fixed and based on average energy use from the past 12 months. Members have a catch-up month when the account balance will be paid in full and payment amounts will be recalculated.
Variable Payments, are recalculated every month based on the energy use from the past 12 months. You are always responsible for the actual balance on your electric bill.