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McKenzie Electric's Power Restoration Process

When we experience outages during storms and natural disasters, we work hard to restore power to the largest number of members possible. This process starts at the transmission level and ensures power is being received from generation plants across the country. Due to the complexity and larger structure of transmission lines, this can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. From transmission, we then work through our distribution substations where the transmission lines feed into. Once substation faults are found and remedied, we then work our way across our distribution network. McKenzie Electric's system holds 4,000 miles of distributions line that is often hard to get to especially during winter storms and natural disasters. The video below fully encompasses how we work to restore outages. 

Multiple feed locations

To our member's benefit, McKenzie Electric has multiple transmission feeds throughout our network. Meaning if one substation loses power, we have alternate transmission feeds to provide power to a substation and then to the area affected by an outage. During storms, this typically requires line crews to be on-site to complete the switching.