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When reporting outages, please be sure we have your current phone number on file. This helps us quickly locate the area experiencing a power interruption. Having your account number on hand will also aid in the timeliness of power restoration. Report outages using the following methods:

Phone: 701-444-9288

Sign into the SmartHub App

Please do not report outages through email or Facebook, as they are not monitored 24/7, and it may delay response time. 

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If a planned outage is scheduled, we will send calls and email notifications using the information you provided on your account, which is why it is vital that you keep an updated cell phone number and email address on file with us. To update your contact information or add additional information, sign into the SmartHub app or speak to one of our member services representatives by calling 701-444-9288.

Offering reliable, uninterrupted power is important to us. Our engineering and operations team works diligently to minimize outage frequency while also prioritizing the safety of our line crews.  If you are without power, trust that we are doing everything we can to the best of our abilities to restore your service in a timely fashion. 

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