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Update your preferred contact information

McKenzie Electric Cooperative is constantly striving to improve our operational efficiency so we can provide the most reliable electric service possible for our members.

We rely on data for nearly every aspect of our operations, which is why we need your help. By making sure we have your most up-to-date, complete contact
information, we can continue to provide the high level of service you expect and deserve. Having accurate information helps us improve customer service and
enhance communications for reporting and repairing outages. It also allows co-op members to receive information about incentive programs and other events
and activities in which your co-op is taking part.

Benefits of up-to-date contact information

  • Outage updates
  • Capital credit information
  • Cooperative events
  • Emergency communications
  • Address forwarding
  • Accurate outage reporting

Up-to-date contact information can potentially speed the power restoration process during an outage as well. For example, when our system experienced a major outage from the snow and ice storm in April, the phone number you provided for your account is linked to your service address, which is also linked to our outage management system. This means when you call to report an outage, our system recognizes your phone number and matches it with your service location, making it easier for our crews to correct the problem and restore the outage.

Occasionally, we plan outages to update, repair or replace equipment. In these instances, we can provide advance notification to affected members through phone calls or email, IF we have your updated contact information and communication preferences.

Emails and phone calls are used to notify members of any changes in co-op event details and any discrepancies on your account. If you register your email account with SmartHub, you can also take advantage of alerts, such as when your bill is available.

Many of you have been members of McKenzie Electric Cooperative for years, and it’s likely your account information hasn’t been updated for some
time. We recognize that many members now use a cellphone as their primary phone service, and we might not have that number in our system.

When you provide your contact information to the co-op, rest assured we will never share this information with any third parties. It is only used by McKenzie Electric Cooperative to send important information to you. Please take a moment to confirm or update your contact information by calling 701-444-9288, registering for SmartHub or by sending an email to mec@mckenzieelectric.com. By doing so, you will be helping us improve service and efficiency, so we can better serve you and all members of the co-op.